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Monday, August 15, 2005

"Sakya Pandita Prayer" chanted by H.E. Dagmo Kusho Jamyang Sakya

In this video H.E. Dagmo Kusho Jamyang Sakya chants a prayer honoring Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltshan (1182-1251) who was one of the founding fathers of the Sakya order of Tibetan Buddhism.

He was a prolific writer and composed numerous treatises on the ten sciences. Among these treatises were: "The Discrimination of The Three Vows" (sDom-gsum Rab-dbye) and "The Treasury of Knowledge Concerning Ideal Cognition" (Tshad-ma Rig-pa'i gTer). He wrote many explanatory texts on the sastras and carried out many Sanskrit translations.

He is noted as the first to initiate traditional logical enquiry into the three Pramanas and the ten sciences; teachings which, as he himself said, had not existed in the Land of Snows prior to this time. The study of the terminology and meaning of the ten sciences in Tibet begins with him. His reputation paralleled that of the great Indian masters Dharmakirti and Dignaga and the qualities of his body, speech and mind spread like a banner for all to see. Consequently, Prince Godan, the Mongol ruler of China, longing to behold his face which glowed like the moon, sent envoys to invite him to China. After concentrated prayer, Sakya Pandita decided to accept the invitation, with the benefit of his Tibetans students in mind.

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