Latest Chenrezi Teachings:      July 12, 2005  and July 5th, 2005

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life illustrates the essence of the Buddhist teachings, the Four Truths: the existence of earthly suffering, its origin and cause, the ending or prevention of misery and the practice path to liberation from suffering.

In this clip Murray Gordon, a long term member of Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism and Director of the Virupa Educational Institute gives a brief teaching about The Wheel of Life.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Darshan Viewing

This is an excerpt of a the Sakya Monastery tour offered every month. The tour was given by Jeffrey Schoening, PhD.

The Twelve Deeds of Lord Buddha

Ven. Tulku Yeshi chants "The twelve deeds of Lord Buddha" in Tibetan. This prayer is chanted every week during Sunday's Chenrezig Meditation.

Mandala Offering Demo

This is an excerpt of a Mandala Offering workshop taught by H.E Dagmo Kusho Jamyang Sakya and Ven Tulku Yeshi. This demo is of particular interest to members of the Sakya Monastery who are practicing Ngondro.